The Collaborative Cellos

The Collaborative Cellos

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The Collaborative Cellos share an infatuation with music. Having all been studying music since early childhood, they have a combined playing experience of around 200 years. The vast diversity of backgrounds — from Australia, Croatia, England, Holland, Japan, New Zealand, and Spain — gives the group a unique perspective and set of ideas for how to approach the works they want to play.

Whilst often described as the “tenor” of the string section, the cello is actually far more versatile: it is able to tackle soprano, alto and bass lines with excitement and virtuosity. There is a surprisingly large range of exhilarating works either written specifically for or arranged for cello groups. And we might just come up with a few of our own.

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The Collaborative Cellos are:

  • Ana Vranes
  • Anna Scott
  • Chris Jack
  • Esther Carapeto Moreno
  • Jessica Dace
  • Louise Board
  • Naoko Okumura
  • Rachel Brouwer
  • Tamasine Leighton-Crawford